Main Features

  • Email tracking

    Check if your emails are marked as spam, viruses, awaiting to be delivered or successfully delivered to recipients.

  • Connections tracking

    Check the information for your connections to your mail server (either through POP, IMAP or webmail client).

  • Detailed stats

    Get full stats overall mail use of your institution as well as detailed reports about your personal mail.

Want more?

  • Friendly and intuitive

    Sleek and intuitive interface using images, so anyone can use it without any previous knowledge of how email works.

  • Essential tool for email management

    Essential tool for email management tasks such as following the deployment of a mailing list, finding users who reply to phishing emails or mailings from infected machines, message tracking logs, message forensics, mail flow analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, etc.

  • Easy integration with any email software

    Easy to integrate with any mail management software (like qmail, spamassassin, mailman, postfix, f-secure, clamAV, dovecot, etc).

  • Multi Language Support

    Multi language application, with the possibility of adding support for any language. Currently, you will find the most used languages availables.

Software We love

People We Love

  • Our customers believe in free software and they are already using MailTrack!

  • Our partners help us to spread MailTrack, betting on the free software!


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    Javier de Miguel RHCE and Postmaster

    MailTrack is the best open source tool to get detailed record of all message activity. I use seguimiento on daily basis for message tracking logs, message forensics, mail flow analysis, reporting, and troubleshooting.

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    Jorge López Full stack web developer

    MailTrack is a really valuable tool for both postmasters and final users. Knowing what happens under the hood to an email is now easier than ever.

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    Rafael Enríquez Naftic co-founder and web developer

    Even people with no specific knowledge in system administration can check mail logs, track emails and solve problems or inform clients about the status of their emails.
    It's great!